Nipple Shield: Tips and Tricks for Use

IN THIS ISSUE Would you benefit from using a nipple shield? A closer look at when nipple shields can be useful Selecting a nipple shield How to use a nipple shield How to wean off of a nipple shield Support through CLS References WOULD YOU BENEFIT FROM USING A NIPPLE SHIELD? A nipple shield is […]

Information About the Care of Engorgement When Breastfeeding

WHAT IS ENGORGEMENT? Engorgement is the term that describes the change in your breasts as they become full, firm, warm and perhaps tender as milk production increases and colostrum begins to transition to mature milk. Engorgement is caused by the swelling of the blood vessels in your breasts as well as the arrival of the […]

Sore & Cracked Nipples

Pain and discomfort of the nipple associated with breastfeeding is common, especially during the first few weeks after delivery. One of the most important factors for healing is to determine the source of the problem. WHAT COULD BE CAUSING THE PAIN? Some transient soreness is normal the first week after delivery, it usually peaks the […]