Corporate Lactation Services is committed to supporting breastfeeding mothers with premier evidence-based breast pump products and accessories. CLS offers the hospital grade rental Symphony Plus breast pump and a wide variety of Medela personal use breast pumps.

Personal Breast Pumps for Mothers

A personal use breast pump is recommended if:

  • Mother needs help to build her milk supply during periods of separation
  • Supply is established and meets the needs of the infant
  • Mom wants to continue to provide breast milk and maintain her milk supply upon returning to work.

Personal use breast pumps are daily use breast pumps designed for who moms who pump several times per day. Due to health and performance issues, the FDA has approved personal use breast pumps as single-user medical devices.

Pump In Style Hands-Free

Pump In Style Hands-free is Medela’s most powerful hands-free breast pump that delivers trusted hospital performance and comfort. The intuitive pump motor is separate from the lightweight, anatomically-designed hands-free cups, which have only three parts to clean and can be worn discreetly and comfortably under a nursing bra.

Spectra S1 PLUS and Spectra S2 PLUS

The Spectra S1 Plus and Spectra S2 Plus are personal use breast pumps recommended for mothers who will pump several times per day. Spectra breast pumps are quiet and discreet and have single or double pump capability.

Hospital Grade Rental Breast Pumps

Consider renting a hospital grade breast pump if:

  • Mom & baby experience breastfeeding challenges
  • Health issues separate mom & baby
  • Infant is unable to breastfeed
  • Mother needs help to initiate a milk supply, build a milk supply, and maintain a milk supply.

MEDELA Symphony® Plus Breast Pump

Symphony is Medela’s latest innovation in hospital grade electric double pumps and is available for moms to rent. Medela initiated extensive research on electric breast pumps for the development of the Symphony, led by internationally renowned lactation researcher, Dr. Peter Hartmann, Ph.D.

There are three distinct stages of establishing and maintaining a good milk supply: Initiation, Build, and Maintain. The Symphony Plus breast pump technology provides all three research-based programs. The Symphony Plus is the #1 choice in US Birthing Hospitals and Level III NICUs.

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